Le Hotclub

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In the 1930’s Gypsy Jazz was made famous by the legendary Django Reinhardt and Le Hotclub de France. 

Now today, this music is kept alive by a group that originally was known as Le Hotclub de Biglick (the old name for Roanoke).

Over the years it has been condensed to simply…

Le Hotclub.

This music paints a picture that takes you back in time. 

Come listen to the seductive sounds of Le Hotclub.


If one is feeling depressed they need not seek a prescription. Instead, catch a performance of this talent-laden group and you will soon forget your worries and begin to wear a big fat smile!

Le Hotclub is a feel-good band for all ages and musical preferences. These 4 chaps who dress-up in tuxedos are not only musicians. They are showmen, too. You’ll have a hard time keeping your eyes (and ears) off  them. These guys are virtuoso performers, each with a rich background in music performance, studies and teaching.

No amateurs here.  Only ‘LE FIN DU FIN‘!

I promise you will not be disappointed.”

Jan Wilkins – Promoter / Producer – Roanoke, VA